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Betting On Black – All Blacks Rugby Bet Tips

There is an array of options for betting on the All Blacks, and rugby teams in general. This article outlines some of the most popular.

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Understanding why the All Blacks are a Sure Bet!

The world-famous rugby team from New Zealand has only ever been defeated by 6 test nations, and they stand as the only international team to boast a winning record against each of the nations they have played against. They have won a total of 426 of their 552 test matches, and have suffered losses at home a measly 37 times.

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Why Kiwis Love a Good Punt!

Breakthroughs in technology have culminated into a global culture demand of more and at a faster rate. Punters in quest of sports betting will be thrilled by the sports betting options available in New Zealand.

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How, Where and Why To Sports Betting

Punters from New Zealand are limited to a one land based sports bets service provider operating with a monopoly in the territory. The government has a relaxed approach to all wagering activities and makes no enforcement on punters to make use of the sole provider. With an extensive range of online sports bets options available, punters from New Zealand enjoy full legal use of offshore websites, which provide for stunning alternatives to the countries nationwide gaming institutions. Continue reading

The Best Soccer Bets 

The All Whites, New Zealand’s national soccer team have graced the field in twelve World Cup appearances between 1970 and 2014.

Punters in quest of New Zealand soccer bets have a large variety to choose from within the Stirling Sports premiership, which features an array of tournaments including the Chatham Cup.

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Rugby Betting

The best thing about online sports betting is the fact that bettors from all corners are able to bet on their favourite sports being played all over the world.  Rugby betting aside, even if a sport is not played locally in New Zealand, bettors from New Zealand are still able to place a wager on that particular sport thanks to the internet and online bookmakers.

Rugby however, is a matter of national pride in New Zealand.  Despite having once been described as the sport that has a fine disregard for the rules of the game of football, Rugby is the bad boy sweetheart of the sporting world, and by default, also of the worldwide sports betting scene. Continue reading

Punters Can Find Election Betting Odds Online

These days, political events are as exciting and full of suspense as any global sports event, and people in New Zealand and all over the world are realising that placing a bet on politics can be extremely interesting. There are great odds offered at all online and mobile sites on many live political contests around the world, and many offer useful tips to make the betting even easier.

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Chasing After the International Winnings with Dota Bets!

eSports have become the new sporting sensation around the world, and the industry has grown to include dozens of competitive games from a variety of gaming platforms. An eSport is a competitive video game that matches teams and/or players against one another, with the ultimate outcome deciding whether that team wins the match and eventually any tournaments that are associated with the game. There are a huge number of eSports being played every day, but very few match the massive following that Dota 2 has gained over the last few years. This has created an entire online betting industry of its own, where punters now have the chance to make bets on the game of their choice, including Dota 2 bets.

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Sandy Ball Sports and Beach Handball Betting

With the ebbing tide and fresh winds, not to mention the soft sand, it’s no small wonder that there are many sports now played with a beach variation to them. In the punting world what this does is make for a whole new category of betting options, with their own sets of unique rules.

Beach Handball for instance is one such sport variation that heads to the shore for its activities and brings with it a completely new sporting opportunity. Like any thorough investigation however, one must get the full perspective to know for certain the outlook of events. Continue reading

 Bathurst Harness Race Track

Bathurst harness track is a racecourse in Bathurst, New South Wales in Australia. The original track was on the old Bathurst show grounds, but was rebuilt in 2014.

The track is 1064 meters long featuring a home straight of 186 meters. All harness tracks are oval shaped, but have differing circumferences and surfaces. Bathurst is noted for its crushed granite surface. Continue reading

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