Android casino

What is an Android Casino?

Brick and mortar casinos have always been popular. With the advent of the internet in round about 1994 casinos took on a whole new life and made the leap from brick and mortar to virtual. Originally online casinos were pretty basic, with only a few games and what we today would think of as terrible graphics. Developers put loads of money into them and their popularity grew exponentially. Then came the smart device revolution.

Suddenly people all over the world could access the internet from wherever they were. This as you can imagine excited the online casino developers hugely as it meant that their market had just exploded. Since then a number of smart devices and operating systems for those devices have become popular and widespread.

One such operating system is Android. Android is used over a vast range of devices, from phones to tablets and even smart watches. Online casino developers took note of Androids popularity, and have developed a range of mobile casinos designed especially for the Android operating system, hence Android casinos.

Why use an Android Casino?

So you have you Android device and want to embark on the wonderful world of mobile casinos. But why go for an Android casino? Surely there are many other casinos out there? Of course there are, but none of them will run as well on your Android device as an Android casino will. Android casinos are designed specifically with your operating system in mind. This means that they use software that looks and sounds the best for your device.

There will be no clashes where the operating system and the games don’t understand each other. You won’t have to scroll around your screen to see the whole game because it has been designed to work optimally on your screen. The sound will be the best possible as will the graphics.

How Do I find Android Casino’s?

Finding Android casino is easy. There are two main ways to do it, both with their pros and cons. The first is to use you app store on your device. Simply search for Android casino, and a vast number of them will come up. Be sure to check them out first by reading the reviews at the bottom of the page. Not all casinos are equal.

Once you have chosen you casino, simply download the software onto your android device, and play whenever you wish to, so long as you have a reliable internet connection. Please note that downloading the software will consume data, and that you have to have enough space on you device to store it. The second way is to simply play through your web browser. This does require you device to be flash enabled however, but does not require you to download any software onto your device.

Games Available at Android Casinos

There are numerous games available for the discerning Android casino patron. From slots to table games, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. The slots come in a multitude of variations, from simple three reels games all the way up to five reel 3D video slots.

Remember that because you are using an Android casino the slots will always work on your device, unless it is a non standard device like a smart watch with a tiny screen. Table games are always there too, with options ranging from roulette to blackjack to baccarat. Even virtual scratch cards and bingo can be found.