No Download Play Casino Games Online

Casino players across the world have, generally, enjoyed and appreciated the move to first online and now mobile casino play. Whereas in certain countries the land-based casino industry is still preventing as much online access as possible in the fear that this will negatively impact on their business, most countries are realistic and evolved enough to appreciate that online casino access is merely a function of an increasingly online world.

In fact, the online casino world itself is experiencing changes due to the mobility requirements of today. Mobile casino players have different needs when compared to online play, and these are worthy of discussion. No download play casino usage is on the rise, and this has implications for online casino play going into the future.

Turning a blind eye to ongoing development is neither helpful nor particularly clever. The internet has changed how the world functions, and will keep doing so well into the future. Pretending that this evolution can be blocked or prevented is naïve and broadly characteristic of highly conservative elements trying to resist change despite every ounce of evidence to the contrary. An example of this is the subject of no download play casinos.

Internet Access Spreading and Growing

Online casino play inevitably came about with the very advent of the internet. Limited access and slow internet speeds meant that the way casino games, and many other games, were experienced was by laboriously downloading the software from the internet, and then playing the games offered in the downloaded package. This was wonderful at the time, because at least one could play the games. The advent of smartphones and the emphasis on mobile access, however, had some far-reaching and effects on life as we knew it.

The Mobile Platform Catalyst         

People wanted to play casino games, and they wanted to be able to try numerous games. And just about exactly when they wanted to, without having to sit around waiting for a download to finish. Plus, everyone knows there are risks to downloading anything from the internet. Therefore, the software providers quickly responded and using the ever quickening internet connections available to more people no download play casino came about. Using Macromedia Flash initially but with more and more HTML5 designed games being used, casinos were able to provide instant online gameplay that was compatible with all smartphones.

The No Download Play Casino Village

At first, instant gameplay was inferior to the downloaded versions and heavily dependent on the internet connection. It was therefore used to play free games so that there was no risk to the player. Internet connections improved, game design got cleverer and before long the instant no download play casino games were offering the same game quality as the downloaded versions, and security was even better, especially with eWallets and new encryption advances.

Now, we have smartphones that have more than enough computing power, internet speeds and access that are improving almost daily and new no download play casinos that are fully secure and don’t even offer downloadable games. Quite clearly this is the direction things are going. To make things even more open, financially, bitcoin casinos are a real thing. The internet may make us more of a global village than we ever dreamed.