Wipeout Slots Game Basics

While the Wipeout slot game only offers a total of 10 pay lines on the 5 gaming reels, there are plenty of big benefits to trying out this online slot. This is not a progressive jackpot game, and so the main prize is fixed every time you login to play.

The main jackpot comes in at an enticing 6000 coins. This Wipeout slot game allows players to set the coin value while they are playing. The minimum coin value can be set at 2, while the maximum can be set at 30. This means that the game is actually quite well suited to players on all different budgets.

If you are on a low budget, you might prefer to set the lowest coin value. However, if the real attraction of the game is winning the main jackpot, then you will typically need to place the maximum bet for each spin. Of course this choice is all up to the player, and the settings can be changed during the game. The slot also offers the standard wild symbol, as well as win multipliers and scatters.

The Wipeout Wild symbol is called the Big Wave, and in this game it is actually an expanding wild. This has the consequence that the wild is able to expand to fully cover the reel that it has landed on. The implication of this is that a whole range of new wining combinations can quite easily be created. As with most other modern online slot games, the expanding wild is also able to substitute for any other of the game symbols, except of course for the scatter symbol.

This means that a whole lot of additional winning combinations can quite easily be created. In order to win the main jackpot prize in Wipeout, players need to attempt land 5 of the game symbol logos.

Win Multipliers in Wipeout

More good news for any online and mobile players is that there are additional free spins up for grabs. If the scatter Surfer symbol is landed on reels 3, 4, or on 5, then the free spins bonus feature round will be triggered. The number of scatter symbols that have been landed will then determine the size of the win multiplier for the Wipeout slot player.

If you are able to land, 3, or 4, or 5 of the scatter symbols, then you will be awarded a 5x, or a 25x, or even the big 250x win multiplier. This big 250x win multiplier is one of the best and easiest ways to dramatically increase your winnings to some very attractive amounts.

Free Spins on Offer

During the free sins bonus round, be on the lookout for the Extra Life game symbol. If you are able to land this symbol, you will be rewarded with a further free spin or bonus. However, on the other side of the coin, players want to avoid the Wipeout symbol from landing on the game reels. If this symbol is landed, the game will actually subtract or remove one of the lives or free spins from the total that is available to the player.